Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Accessible for All Family Members

Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Accessible for All Family Members

It is beneficial to all family members if the bathroom is accessible. It can help improve everyone’s life. However, family members are of different ages and have different needs. Thus, if you were conscientious, you would want to create a bathroom that fits the needs of everyone.

But how do you achieve accessibility for all? Here are several ideas.

• Install mixer taps or lever-handle tapwareFor convenience, it is better to use mixers and lever-handle taps instead of compression faucets which you need to loosen and tighten to shut off the water. Levers are easier and gentler when you have young children and older family members whose grip is no longer forceful. Further, if you are holding something or a young child, you can still quickly push the lever to turn the water on and off.   

• Install a walk-in bathYou can make it more convenient for other family members with mobility problems to install a walk in bath for the elderly. It makes them independent and allows them to bathe on their own safely. A walk-in bath has a low threshold, so entering the bath is easier. You can purchase a walk-in bath with a left or right door opening. Manufacturers ensure that the bath floor is slip-proof and the built-in seat is of the appropriate height. 

• Purchase bathroom stoolsA stool is essential in any bathroom. You can purchase sturdy bathroom stools with non-slip legs of different heights. You prevent the shorter legs of younger children from dangling when they use the toilet. They can also reach the basin easier by stepping on a bathroom stool. You can use a stool to keep your bathing essentials within easy reach. It is likewise valuable to a family member who needs to sit down while in the shower. If you bathe your young ones in a walk in bath for elderlypeople, you can prevent back pain by sitting on a bathroom stool. 

• Free up the space under the basinYou can leave more room for family members to get closer to the bathroom mirror when you have a wall-mounted basin instead of one that rests on a cabinet. Without the cabinet, you leave space for toes and knees. You can have a detachable pedestal to hide the plumbing.

• Slip-proof your bathroom floorCondensation inside the bathroom can make the floor slippery. You can prevent slips and falls from occurring in the bathroom by installing your preferred non-slip flooring material. For example, you can install textured tiles, non-slip vinyl floor covering, or even non-slip textured paint.

• Install nightlightsElderly family members use the bathroom more often in the evening. You can install nightlights along the hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom to guide them. Nightlights also encourage children to go to the bathroom if they fear the dark. The lights can brighten the way, but ensure that you use non-glare lights that are kinder to sleepy and weak eyes.

You can make small changes inside your bathroom or add some bathroom accessories that can make your bathroom accessible to every family member. Understanding what each individual requires will guide you in choosing the best options. 

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